This is how im going to attend class tomorrow. I guess all of you should.


3 thoughts on “H1N1

  1. Good idea..im willing to wear Neqab as well 🙂 Actually, im worried about my kids going to schools tomorow, i think our schools are not prepared well to face this disease.

  2. I agree, but i think we have to worry more when we go to the market, crowded with more people and from every nationality that we dont know. Or when we go to the resturant and eat from a stranger hands sitting next to a totaly strange people in a small confined space. Should i go on and mention more examples !

  3. I dont take my kids to crowded markets, resturants, or other kides places..they just visit their friends in the family. i read that childern are more risk of catching H1N1 and the virus may cause serious complications in childern. A child with H1n1 infection should be given emergency medical care immediately..thats why im scared because they will spend 7 hours in schools, and as you know kids dont care to protect themselves, wash their hands or listen to our instructions ..
    الله يحفظ الجميع

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