Here we go again!

Tomorrow is the First day of classes for the first semester of the year 2009/2010. Its all again with the attending, Assignments, Classes, Exams, and hopefuly not ” Presentation”. The good thing about it is that im going to see all the faces of my friends after a long holiday. The bad thing about it is stress and effort and work to do with a full time work in the morning and other family affairs.

This wont be my last semester, there is one more semester after that and its all over. The important thing is that the comprehensive exam is dont and off my back. the only remaining thing is the Practicum which i will try to finish 40 hours of field work in a library at on October before the exams and the hard work of the stressfull months of November and December.

Good luck every one and hope to see you all tomorrow.


One thought on “Here we go again!

  1. Hi Mohamed, im sad that summer holiday is over.. usually i feel nervous and little scared on the first day 😦
    and as you said we will be back to the stress.. anyway good luck to you too:)

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