Yesterday was Day 1 in the first semester for the year 2009/2010. The class is for 541 Knowledge management with P.Abddulsattar Choudari. It was full packed 3 hours class with much information on the first day to comprehend.

I lost my enthusiasm with the master program. The first year was the best as a new adventure was in the horizon and a new life a head. The second year was more than good and i couldnt wait to meet my fellow students and friends again after a long holiday. And now as i reach the third and final year i cant wait fo the year to finish.

The class of Dr,Chodari was not that bad, but i guess it was me who did not feel like it. Or maybe because its only because of the first day of school after a long holiday. The relief is that there wont be any exams in this class, only 2 assignments and one large project with a 50% grade. Me, Talal and my friend Abdullah will form a group for team work as it was required in the outline.

I will try to post a weakly diary from now on about each class i attend. So help me god.