Day 1

Yesterday was Day 1 in the first semester for the year 2009/2010. The class is for 541 Knowledge management with P.Abddulsattar Choudari. It was full packed 3 hours class with much information on the first day to comprehend.

I lost my enthusiasm with the master program. The first year was the best as a new adventure was in the horizon and a new life a head. The second year was more than good and i couldnt wait to meet my fellow students and friends again after a long holiday. And now as i reach the third and final year i cant wait fo the year to finish.

The class of Dr,Chodari was not that bad, but i guess it was me who did not feel like it. Or maybe because its only because of the first day of school after a long holiday. The relief is that there wont be any exams in this class, only 2 assignments and one large project with a 50% grade. Me, Talal and my friend Abdullah will form a group for team work as it was required in the outline.

I will try to post a weakly diary from now on about each class i attend. So help me god.


2 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Salam Dear Mohammad
    It’s only the first day feelings about (Back to School). You will see that Dr. Chaudari is a very freindly instructer, but when I know that there are no exams, that means many long assignments. We Have to be more optimistic about our courses, instructers, our group, our Major (LIS or IM)and we study KM( Knowledge Management).This major is full abbreviations, don’t you agree with me, Anyway ,,,Wish you all the success in your last year MLIS. Last but not least, do you know why we feel that there is something missing, coz No Dr. Samir and Dr. Mumtaz…

  2. Thank you Ahmed, I agree with you because today class was a different case. Almost the same faces, only missing you, Sakeena, Asma, and Fadhel. I guess the nature of the material in KM class has more depth then 532 class. Maybe that what made the first 3 hours really long and hard to digest.

    I guess the absence of Dr.Samir and P.Mumtaz is noticed this semester. the main support for me was from these two great teachers. but as they say: iljood fee ilmawjood” 🙂

    Thank you for the visit and the comment, and please be a regular contribute here. We sure need the help.

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