Day 2

Day two of the first semester for the year 2009/2010. Class 532 “Management of Academic Library” with P.Sajjad Ur Rehman. The class was nothing like what i expected. It was much fun and enjoyable with almost the same faces of class 541. Most of the time was spent talking about the class material and other stuff related to the Master program title change.

Although P.Sajjad did not keep his promise of a class free of exams, he gave us 2 exams with a total of 20% of the grades. Thats with a project for 40% and two assignments with 20 % each.

This class was more enjoyably due to the past relationship with the Professor and because we are already familiar with the material related to Management in 504 and Academic libraries. Lets hope that it will keep on going like that because three hours is more than we can take in one day.


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