Yesterday during 532 class, me and Talal missed phone calls from the union of students of higher studies. Later on when we called back we found out that we are invited to a ceremony to celebrate the graduating students and the students with a GBA that is more than 3.5. So we had to collect our invitations from Khaldiya.

The ceremony will be held in moevenpick-kuwait hotel at the free trade zone on monday evening. Each guest can bring along 2 guest with him. So im bringing my wife and my Son Hassan.

I dont know who else with us from the department. Talal says that he noticed some familiar faces in the Union Building when he went to collect his invitation. I will try to get the list of names of all the students that were invited.

To tell you the truth. This celebration was surprising and its being held for the first time and it will be different from the overall graduation party. It seems that the new chairman of the union mr,Hameed Nooraldein is responsible for this great idea. So thank you Mr Nooraldien.

Please if you are invited. Leave your name in the comments.

Update: Now i know for sure that Saleh is also invited


4 thoughts on “Celebration

  1. أعلن الأمين العام لرابطة الدراسات العليا المحامي عادل شمس الدين أن رابطة الدراسات العليا التابعة للإتحاد الوطني لطلبة الكويت ستقيم حفل تخريج وتكريم طلبة وطالبات كلية الدراسات العليا في فندق الموفنبيك ـ قاعة المؤتمرات رويال سويت ـ صالة نورة.

    وأضاف شمس الدين أن الحفل المزمعة إقامته على مدى يومين تحت رعاية كل من الشيخ خليفة العلي الصباح والنائب سعد الخنفور والدكتور حمد إبراهيم التويجري.

    وقال إن تخريج وتكريم الطالبات المتفوقات اليوم في الثامنة مساء‏، أما تخريج وتكريم الطلبة المتفوقين فسيكون الاثنين المقبل في الثامنة مساء.


    Congratulation to all students, also to you Mohammad and Talal. wish U all High Grades and successful graduation.

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