Celebration: Take 1

Yesterday was the graduation party for the girls. And this is how Zainab Al attabi describe it:


we were 8 in the mlis:
Jumana, Me, Sakena, Maryam, Lulwa, Manal, Shaikha, Aisha
it took place in moevenpick hotel as they mentioned in the invitations
in the reception area they distributed the graduation stoles 2 each student
then we ve been guided 2 our seats
in the right side of the hall the guests were seated n students were in the left side…
there werent tables for the guests, just rows of chairs!
i v never attended such kind of ceremony in which guests dnt have a special area 4 them…
they asked us to come earlier @ 7.30 but they didnt start till around 8.40
they finished the ceromony n opened the buffet around 10.15
Art Studio photographers took pics of the students n later on they can have theirs frm Art studio (i think they r only located in Plaza)
they handed the 3.5+ students 1st then they called 4 the graduates
many got their names misspelled in the shields or even with different last names!

a number of tvs attended such as alwatan and al 3adala
Also, there were a number of newspapers
i cudn take gud pics maybe cz of the hall lightnings… the best i cud take iz the 1 attached
All in all, it was fine but nt they werent well organized

Thank you Zainab for the update and the notes. And congratulation.

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