After the big fuss of the invitations to the ceremony of the graduate students graduation and the event on Saturday for the girls. Monday was our night, the guys. we attended there on 8 o’clock and the event started after 30 minutes. which was not that bad.

Talal, Saleh, Me, and Fadhel represented the LIS Department in the ceremony. Unfortunately Fadhel did not attend.

4My review of the even: The ceremony hall was OK. The organizing was OK. But the overall even was not suitable for graduate  Students. Thank you HAmad NoorAldien, Thank you Students Union, and i do appreciate the efforts. But a high school graduation event is better then what i saw yesterday. and the Shield they gave us prove what im talking about. Its not even made of wood ! Above all. The speaker Mr.Hamad NoorAldein was giving a speech for his elections i think and what he did for the Union and his achievements which was totally inappropriate. We thought that we were in one of the candidates  of the barlemant tents.

And on the way out. each of us got two cans of RedBull for free 🙂 can you believe that !

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