LIS free database

As the assignments starts this week and later week for all the students. This site provide an electronic database of articles related to LIS. Free

E-LIS aims to further the Open Access philosophy by making available papers in LIS and related fields. It is a free-access international archive, in line with the Free Online Scholarship (FOS) movement and the Eprints movement, based on the Open Archive Initiative (OAI) standards and protocols.



4 thoughts on “LIS free database

  1. Thanx bro.. it is a good website I have used many times..

    Another open access source will be a useful and beneficial resource for all our students, which contains around 4370 scholarly journals for free, full-text and quality controlled by a scientific scholarly community..

    A total of 319320 articles included in different formats, languages and subjects..

    The website is ( )

    I hope all the luck for all of you..

  2. forget to mention that 99 scholarly LIS journals are included and you may suggest a journal name you found in the Internet to them but should be free access to end-users..

    have fun reading 🙂

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