University precusions


On Kuwait university efforts to maintain the health of its faculty and students. And as part of the H1N1 (Swine flu) war in Kuwait. infront of each class the students now can find Instant Hand Sanitaizers to clean and disinfect their hands of any virus they may be carrying. I use it just to have fun, but i suspect if any one else use it or even notice it.

Acknowledgment: Thank you Talal and Abdullah for letting me take a picture of your hands for this post. It was great sacrifice form your side.


9 thoughts on “University precusions

  1. oh yah.. I noticed it the first time when attended my social psychology course at the beginning of the semester.. then I got used to it since it has a wonderful smell 🙂 and makes me feel winy..

  2. Wow I think you’re working with a code just like Dexter.. not every thing is by the book..

    well, you’re right in a sense but what I meant by feeling winy is like being refreshing (منعنش) that’s it..

    it is like when i see you laughing a lot I would says “شكلك لاكه اليوم” i didn’t mean it literally.. 🙂

    so enshallah when we see each other 2moro I will definitely makes you feel extra winy 🙂 AGREE!!!

  3. Dont try to make it better, your only making it worse 🙂

    How much you will give so i will delete this post ?

    ANd about the invitation to make me “Winy” I look forward to it. Who can afford it these days :)]\

  4. You will buy it and you want me to put my bid? hhmmmm It seems that you are still feeling “Winy” Saleh . 🙂

    Im just kidding with you my friend. This is your blog and you can say what ever you want for free.

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