AS part of project group for class 532, ABdullah, Talal, Hassan, and me visited the AUK campos and the AUK library this afternoon. We all were there at 4 PM in this beautiful weather near the sea and in the most beautiful area in Kuwait wich is Salmiya street where Sultan Center is near.

The over all atmosphere was great. But the campos was so small that i thought i was walking in my doughter’s kindergarten. We are used to the huge architecture of Kuwait University campos in Shouaikh where each building is larger then the AUK campos. And the library was much smaller then Jaber AL-Ahmed Library. You can see the difference in collection inside clearly.

We left there at 6 pm with an understanding of what we should do. Each with a task and an objective to finish his job. With a promise to come here again to finish what we started.