Review: Etiquette & Protocol

IMG_0023Yesterday was the first day in Palm peach hotel meeting room #1. And as usual the course was supposed to start at 5 pm but the audience did not gather and meet until i was near 6 . After a short voting they all decided to move the start time to 4 which is not appropriate for me at all. But i had to agree and go along with the majority. All the members were employees of the Public Relation Department and colleges of mine from different backgrounds.

The lecturer Mr,Khaled Al-Khulaif is a very nice person with a master degree from Glasgow University. He is very cooperative guy and easy going. And of course there were some light snacks in the breaks.

What annoys me now after 6 hours of attending the course that all the information i got is about basic communication knowledge. Like the process of a message, the sender, receiver, what effect a good message, which is not related what so ever to the Etiquette & Protocol i had in mind. And tomorrow we are going to continue with same information.Most of the guys there enjoy the activity and the afternoon attendance. For me, and after more then 2 years of afternoon classes i feel board most of the time.

Tomorrow im not going to attend as i have to attend Dr.Sajjad because we may have an exam. I also miss my friends there and the college atmosphere.

Photo taken with my iphone 3Gs


One thought on “Review: Etiquette & Protocol

  1. Come on I thought you gonna to teach us some etiquettes.. I am really surprised.. I also thought that the course of yours is about etiquette and protocols.. perhaps the introduction of it is the basic communication knowledge as you said..

    anyway at least you build up your CV for now and it’s not your fault brother.. and we are happy to have you back in Tuesday afternoon so we see each other and chitchat a little bit..

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