My friend Ahmad


Today i got a visit from an old friend of mine at the office. WE got connected again by using an iphone app called “Whatsapp”. This application will search the iphone contacts and connect all the numbers who are using an iphone together in chat. When i first installed the app i found the first name was my friend Ahmad. So he called me today and wanted to visit me in the office. We go back to 13 years ago where the internet world was fresh and the users were limited in the IRC world. So you can say that we were pioneers 🙂 and we first met on the internet and got close since then. But life goes on and you get married and have kids with work in morning and obligations in the evenings and you get carried away and you lose track of your connections and good friends.

When i saw Ahmad at the office i was shocked, he was half the man who i knew. He lost 46 Kilo’s in one year. Which was amazing and wonderful. He says that the secret is in the mind, and commitment. He was neat, cool, smart, updated, and knowledgable like always. We share the same interests in technologies, movies, tv shows, Life views, and much more. Thats why i learn something new from him each time i see him.

I needed to post about this visit because im so happy. Secondly, because Ahmad have this affect on me that stimulates my brain and give me a boost im my life and makes me feel right. It’s good to have such a friend even if you dont see him much, but you know that he is around and remembering you from time to time. So thank you Ahmed for the visit.


4 thoughts on “My friend Ahmad

  1. Such friends are very rare. You have to appreciate your friendship with him, and thank Alla for it.
    The way you talked about him and how good he makes you feel reminded me of a friend of mine who has the same affect on me.
    These kinds of friends makes life easier.
    And as they say:”True friendship is seen through the heart not through the eyes.”

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