This year in the SLA Conference back in April. Professor Mumtaz gave a keynote about changing the name of the LIS Decipline to be “Information Management”. His speech was titled “What’s in a name?”

Ever since 1968, when I first met some Arab friends in the United States and, later, many more while living in Arab countries, I have gotten used to receiving a surprising look whenever I am introduced by name to another Arab person. Mumtaz happens to mean “excellent,” and it seems some people are uncertain whether my name really fits my personality. I meet the situation in a light mood, saying that I am not responsible for my name–it was my mother’s choice.

Current SLA President was present on the occasion and she requested prof. Mumtaz if he would allow its publication in the Information Outlook, which has perhaps one of the widest circulations in our field. His work is now published in the July/August 2009 issue of Information Outlook.

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MUMTAZ ANWAR has been a professor at Kuwait University since 1999. He founded the master’s program in Libraryand Information Sciences at the University of the Punjab (Pakistan) in 1974 and served as chairman of the department.He later worked as associate professor and director of library affairs at King AbdulAziz University (Saudi Arabia) and asprofessor and chief librarian at International Islamic University (Malaysia). This article is excerpted from a speech hedelivered at “Beyond Libraries: Innovation for Knowledge Gateways,” the 15th annual conference of the SLA Arabian GulfChapter, in April 2009. He can be reached at