Book fair 34th

IMG_0068Much like before, Kuwait Book Fair the 24th wash much more dull then before. No publicity what so ever. If it wasn’t the coincident wouldn’t have known about it. It was easy to find a parking space for my car, which indicate that there isn’t much visitors. I went there with my family but i did not buy anything for myself. All the baying is for my kids. maybe at the weekend the fair will gain more momentum. but it’s not the Book Fair that i knew before. and to understand what i mean, read what Fuad Al Hasim write today in Al-Wattan newspaper:

.. منع ادارة الرقابة في وزارة الاعلام لكتاب «العقاد» الشهير «عبقرية علي».. هو تخلف عقلي وثقافي واجتماعي وحضاري! ألم يقل سيدنا عمر – رضي الله عنه – جملته الشهيرة التي عاشت عبر التاريخ الى يومنا هذا والى يوم القيامة.. «لولا علي.. لهلك عمر» في اشارة الى عبقرية الامام علي كرم الله وجهه؟!


7 thoughts on “Book fair 34th

  1. I went to the fair on Friday the day just before the final day. Few people were there I think that most of Kuwaities are not interested in the book fair as they are interested in new malls 😦

    The funny thing guys that I bought a book for Al-3agaad 9 عبقرية عمر( I have never read for this guy before and I decided to read 3abgariat 3omar I did not know that عبقرية علي was not allowed

    What a shame really

    the funny thing that I took a picture for the whole colllection for Al_3agad

    There were several books that I really wanted but they were not allowed such as

    مدن الملح!!

    Have heard about this novel??

  2. Dont say Al_3agad!! 🙂 you really made me laugh hard Wadha. and im still laughing 🙂 its Al-Aqqad. AL-3agad are different kink of people who i think not related to Al-Aqqad.


    ABout عبقرية علي, there was an announcement form the ministry of Information that this book this not blocked. But you did not find it there. how come?

    About “مدن الملح” you can download it here if you want

    1. ha ha ha MB 🙂

      I did not read it the way u did.

      wallah I just thought of it hhhhhh 🙂

      Regarding عبقرية علي I did not notice if it was there or not I just knew from u guys and regarding عبقرية عمر it was not in my intention to buy it but someone advised me to read this book 🙂

      I have never read anything for Al-Aqqad not Al.3agad 🙂

      wallah it is a new experience for me and I hope that it worth it, to be honest with u MB, I have not read any of the books that I bought because of our study, the only book that I started reading few pages from it is a novel by

      واسيني الأعرج

      (طوق الياسمين)

      it is a romantic novel with a very nice poetic language.

      I really recommend u to read something for this writer because his writings are so unique.

      regarding the electronic version of مدن الملح

      unfortunately I don’t like electronic version I can not concentrate in reading them

      Thanks anyway.

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