IMG_0068Much like before, Kuwait Book Fair the 24th wash much more dull then before. No publicity what so ever. If it wasn’t the coincident wouldn’t have known about it. It was easy to find a parking space for my car, which indicate that there isn’t much visitors. I went there with my family but i did not buy anything for myself. All the baying is for my kids. maybe at the weekend the fair will gain more momentum. but it’s not the Book Fair that i knew before. and to understand what i mean, read what Fuad Al Hasim write today in Al-Wattan newspaper:

.. منع ادارة الرقابة في وزارة الاعلام لكتاب «العقاد» الشهير «عبقرية علي».. هو تخلف عقلي وثقافي واجتماعي وحضاري! ألم يقل سيدنا عمر – رضي الله عنه – جملته الشهيرة التي عاشت عبر التاريخ الى يومنا هذا والى يوم القيامة.. «لولا علي.. لهلك عمر» في اشارة الى عبقرية الامام علي كرم الله وجهه؟!