sajjadLast week I received an email from P.Sajjad Ur Rehman telling all his students that he is not feeling well and he wont be attending the next class. The second day i receive a torrent of  emails from the students sent to the yahoo group email wishing Dr. Sajjad to get well soon. but the strange thing came later when one of Dr.Sajjad students send me an email asking about him if he attended the class or not claiming that there is a roomer that he fell down somewhere near the mosque of the university & broke his hand. nothing confirmed yet till the next day when i hear that he had muscular pain and that he is in the hospital. but the last confirmed word comes from P.Sajjad him self when i get and email from him thanking all the students who asked about him and that he is out of the hospital now and must take at least one week rest to recover from the injury. he will be attending the classes for the minimum possible time during the weeks of 9-13 November.

I did not post about it earlier because i never thought it would be that serious. I thought its a flue season and its common to get sick these days. But it turned out to be more then that.

Get well P.Sajjad soon and get back to work.