The New Curriculum

The study plan includes either THESIS or NON-THESIS option.

The program requirements are:

30 (36) TOTAL COURSE CREDITS (non-thesis option in parenthesis)

18 (21) COMPULSORY (3 credits each)

1330-503    Information Resources and Services

1330-508    Information and Society

1330-509    Knowledge Organization

1330-510     Management of Information Services Organization

1330-511     IT Applications for Information Management

1330-512    Research Methods in Information Management

1330-593   Project ( non-thesis option only )

12 (15) ELECTIVES (3 credits each)

A student must take 9-12 hour courses in his/her areas of concentration. A student might take 3-6 credit hour course from the two areas of concentration or additional course in which the student is not specializing.

Area of Concentration I: Information Studies

1330-513     Advance Knowledge Organization

1330-514     Human Information Behavior

1330-515     Information Literacy Education

1330-516     Discipline-Oriented Information Resources

1330-517     Public Information

1330-518     Management Applications in Diverse Information Environment

Area of Concentration II: IT Applications in Information Management

1330-519     Integrated Information Systems

1330-520    Database Design and Management

1330-521     Internet Technologies and Applications

1330-525     Information Systems Analysis and Design

1330-526     Human-Computer Interaction

1330-527     Digitization Systems and Applicaitons

Area of Concentration III: Knowledge Management

1330-528     Foundations of Knowledge Management

1330-529     Organizational Behavior and Knowledge Sharing

1330-530    Learning Organization

1330-535    Business Intelligence

1330-536    Knowledge Management Technologies

1330-537    Knowledge Management Applications and Measurement

Thesis ( non-credit)

1330-597 to 599 Thesis (Thesis Option Only)