Happy Birthday Blog

Its Two year now since we started this blog on 20 of November 2007. Two years of enrollment in the LIS Master program. Two years of hard work and doing assignments. Two years of suffering and anxiety.  The only good thing that i can get of this experience is knowing you. Happy birthday all. and good luck in the next going year. I really hope that your luck will be better.

“Hello world” Is the first post i made in the blog. And to tell you the truth i did not expect the success of it without your help. all the students who posted here or commented. MLIS Department,  faculty, Dr,Samir who was the inspiration for this blog, for all the visitors. Thank you .

Now the interesting part:

The most watched and visited post is: Talal in Philadelphia, USA with 2,196 visits.

The second most visited post is How to write a literature review By Wadha Al- Ajmi with 1,525 visits.

The third is Would Group Study Improve Your Grades? with 1,474 visits.

Blog Stats

Total views: 209,332

Busiest day: 441


Posts: 537

Comments: 2,127


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Blog

  1. Congratulations Dear Mohammad. A very successful blog for MLIS of KU students. We really wish you all the success in your study and your entire Life. Keep going….

    Bo U sef

  2. Congrats 🙂

    الله يالدنيا مسرع ماتمر الأيام

    الا ليت الشباب يعود يوما << هلوسة الصخونة

    Happy birthday our blog

    Happy birthday our blog

    Happy birthday

    Happy birthday

    Happy birthday to uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    عقبال ميه سنه يامدونتنا العزيزة


  3. WoW .. Mashallah

    Because I won this competition, Mr. Moh awarded me a presentation this Tuesday about everything you want me to present .. If you are interested .. please buy a ticket from our blog to attend the presentation. Seats are limited for vip guest:p

    Man, I think it’s a good idea to talk about your blog and how it’s related to access services in Academic Libraries? don’t you think so!?

    Thanks Moh and everyone for this achievements 🙂

  4. Thank you all
    For your Information Talal, blogs are one of the successful new tools of knowledge managements, and i was going to talk about it for my second assignment in KM class. So instead im going to write a post about it soon. It will be interesting.

  5. Thats the question i keep asking my self. What will happen after i graduate and lose touch with the program? The blog will remain as long as the hosting company stand. I had a free web site going since 1997 until this year. i did know that its still there until i got a warning from the hosting company telling me that the company is closing down and i have to backup my site because it will be closed 2.

    I guess if i stay in the same field this blog will continue. If got the degree and hang it in a frame above my head on the wall without using it then i think it will stop.

    Who knows what lies ahead?

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