Books Returned to Library After 50 Years

A high school librarian in Phoenix says the former student has returned two books checked out some 51 years ago. There was a money order along with the books, for $1,000 to cover the fines.

Camelback High librarian Georgette Bordine says the former student doesn’t want to be named.

At two cents a day, fines would have totaled $745.

Bordine says the long overdue books are being returned to shelves, while the money will be used to buy more books for the school library.

Monday, November 16, 2009


It’s good to be honest with yourself even after a while ( 50 years ):). The good thing he returned the books, The bad thing that the library should give him those books as a gift. At least he borrowed the books but not perminant. I heard once a guy saying: stupid who give a book to someone and more stupid who returns books. It’s only a joke. Anyway,,and as I mentioned it’s good to be honest and have trust to people and remember we are watched 🙂


Bo U sef





One thought on “Books Returned to Library After 50 Years

  1. Thank you for the remind me when i worked in high school library, i suffered alot from students and teachers as well..they dont return library books. Students in this age “teenagers” usually are careless even if you tell them you have to pay for the missing books they say its ok.. how much you want ! but i cant imagine that one student will return a book after 50 years “here in our region”..

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