Here is a list of the courses that will be scheduled for the 2nd semester:

503 – Information Resources and Services ( Dr. Sajjad )

504 – Management of information organizations ( Dr. Chaudari )

507 – Research Methods in LIS ( Dr. Sajjad )

524 – Information Resources and Services in the Humanities and Social Sciences ( Dr. Chaudari)

534- Management of Learning Resources Centers ( Dr. Taghreed AlQudsi )

543- Systems Analysis and Design in Information Organizations (Dr. Chaudari )

544 – Database Development and Management ( Dr. Charleene Alqallaf)

546 – Internet for Information Professionals (Dr. Taghreed Al Qudsi)

Good luck, And thank you bu-Yousef for this great info.

P.s: I dont know if these classes will be provided again the semester after that as the new program of Information Management will provide new courses and class.