Our dear friend Abdullah Abul is currently at Mubarak Hospital and not feeling well. He has been suffering from a case of bad colon for years and he was advised to make a sugary for a long time. yesterday he called to apologize for not attending the group meeting because he is not feeling well. today he called to say sorry because he was admitted to the hospital late last night because his situation got worse. We were scheduled to make a group presentation tomorrow but thanks to Dr.Chaudari understanding it was delayed to a later date.

So pray for him and wish him get well soon, he really needs it because he might go to surgery.

UPDATE: Today at 6 o’clock me and Talal visited Abdulla at Mubarak Hospital. There was no pain at the moment as Abdullah complained but he did not touch any food for 48 hours and he really looked tired. At that time the nurse was injecting him with three ( Not one or two !! ) kind of medications. Plus he was connected to some fluid in the vain. we sat there for 20 minutes and most of the taking was about his health and what was needed to be done. the other part was about the program and the assignments.