I was contacted two days ago by a friend asking if i received an email from him titled “(friend name) says you should see this video clip.” and she was panicked as she found that the message was sent to P.Sajjad email without he knowing. And she wanted to know if i got the same email from her and she asked me to check in the spam folder. To my shock when i checked my spam folder i found the same email sent to me from the following: Bashayer, Aoun, Hussain, Sajjad, Rgaya. That when i knew it was a virus spreading fast. The email contain a video file when the receptionist try to open the file nothing happen and in the background a virus is working secretly collecting information about the email contacts and sending the same email and the same file to them.

To my surprise another friend emailed me yesterday asking if got this video clip from P.Sajjad? and it seems that it was wierd to receive this email alone and he did not know that it was a virus sending these emails.

So, be careful if you see an email from any one you know with the same title dont open it and dont try to play the video file inside as it will do the same to you. specially of you were and LIS Master student. And try to make a full virus scan to your computer.