What makes a good teacher?

I woke up this morning, and I was asking my self “What makes a good teacher?”, so I decided to drink my French coffee with some sweetener, and to search the Internet to find out what others are saying or have in common when they were asked the same question. I came across one website, and I found a very interesting quote

“If you do any reading about the history and philosophy of education, you’ll find that great teachers of the past all agree that learning is usually the result of a good relationship between the teacher and the student. Good teaching is personal.” Hal Urban

I think this quote is very true. Teaching is all about caring, trust & building relationships with students, because as said in the quote “Good teaching is personal”. If you care about the future of your students, you would be such an excellent model for them.

If you trust your students, they will do the following:

– Trust you back and trust in what you are saying;

– Respect you more; – Exceed your expectations;

– Always remember you in a good way for the rest of their lives;

– … etc.


I have only mentioned some of the benefits of trusts. So, when teaching, always remember these words, caring, trust & building good relationships with your students.

P.S. I was talking to my colleague at work Mr. Abdullah Khuraibet about this subject, and he recommended me to watch a movie called “Pay it forward”. So, your assignment for this weekend is to watch and analyze the movie.  It would be very helpful if you share your thoughts with us.

Good luck


2 thoughts on “What makes a good teacher?

  1. Talal. I know why you raise this topic now. I know this movie and watched it more than once. Three of my favorite actors in it.

    I believe that a good teacher is a human with feelings like my, not a machine. A good teacher is the one that has no arrogance. A good teacher is the one who listen and try to solve you problem even if it is smaller than him. A good teacher is the one i really benefit. A good teacher is the one who keeps his promise.

    I can go on for ever…… but the last one, a good teacher is rare.

  2. Moh … That’s why I believe that ministry of education & higher education are needed to invest more and more in our teachers, more than curriculum of programs.

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