By exchanging emails. Seeking the help of old friends as usual, I was in contact with dear Naseema. Naseema was one of the A students in MLIS Program and no one can say that is not true. She was very helpful with other coleuges and had success through her journey in the program. So, it was only normal to seek information about her situation after graduation. Now as a Master degree holder, What did she gain? What did she benefit? How is her career? So with her permission i gave her one last assignment to solve these questions so we can post the answers in the blog.

After graduation I joined my work back, which was tougher than before. Everything has changed for the worst in terms of  rules, regulations, systems…etc. Most of the colleagues have  left  the place, and lots of new faces were there as well. At the beginning I was so depressed because of the situation, then I thought to search for a better place which was quite hard thing to do. I straggled a lot, started to follow up newspapers searching for vacancies, visited some places asking for a suitable job. I guess two of the  places I visited asked me my bachelor’s degree, they were not interested in the master’s, and the only answer I usually get, is to wait for their job related announcement  in the news papers. I have applied in so many places as well, nothing happened so far. So now I feel so disappointed for having a master degree after two years of hard work and at the end there is no use of such a degree. Other thing is that, I didn’t benefit from my master degree even at my work, my salary didn’t increase, my job title is the same. Also, I have noticed that no one is interested in our major (LIS), I don’t know why Kuwait University had the word library in there. The things I gained from the  degree have to do with me as a person only, it has improved my English language, improved my knowledge in certain areas for example, knowing the information searching techniques, how to search and retrieve  the right information from the most reliable sources, realizing the importance of managing and sharing knowledge whether within an organization or in an individual’s daily life, having a special knowledge in specific fields that were taught during the program. But when it comes to a person’s professional life, there is no use of MLIS, this is from my own experience.

Dont be depressed to read it. 90% or maybe more of MLIS graduate students don’t benefit the degree on the career side. And other just forget it. Small percentage of the graduates get lucky and get a scholarship for a PhD, Other get a better Job if they are real lucky. But the majority will not.