Second Cup

Yesterday night, Abdullah, Talal, and me had a group meeting in Second Cup coffee shop in Sharq to discuss our group project for class 541 KM and prepare for our presentation. The place was Talal’s choice as we consider him the expert in choosing places to meet.  The weather was perfect. the sittings was perfect. The place was perfect. This is my first time there and i can say that i like it and we decided that this place will be our meeting place tell the end of the program.

The three of us started together in the program since day one and had all classes together except for one class that Talal insisted to take with Dr,Laiyla and i dont blame him.

P.S: The photo is taken with my iphone and the hands are Talal’s 🙂 and the pen is mine.


4 thoughts on “Second Cup

  1. Good morning Mr. Moh & everyone reading this comment,

    I really like to work in teams, and the three of us make a perfect team. We always share information and knowledge with each other. We trust each other. Since the beginning of the program, we our vision was to stay together, work together, help each other and survive!

    We have decided “inshallah” after completing this program with an Information Management Degree 😛 to participate in the reality show “Survivor”. or maybe NASA Program!

    Guys, you need to get together, you need to have that spirit, as Prof. Abdus Sattar Chaudhry & Dr. Laila Marouf said in the last lecture, communities of practice – CoPs foster learning in the organizations . Imagine if we have those communities in our program, how much we can benefit from it!? wow what is a nice topic and a good topic for a research study.

    We have suggested before that faculty should get together with students informally in the university or outside, just to get to know each other, and learn from each other as well. We are such a small program, but I’m really sure it can have a big impact on us and the community.

    You may say that I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    And the world will be as one
    John Lennon – Imagine Lyrics

    & for those who have kids who love Barney, you must know this song “Imagine!”. My son Nasser loves it

    ” Just imagine, just imagine
    Just imagine all the things that we could be
    Imagine all the places we could go and see
    Imagination’s fun for you and me …”

    So, let’s imagine like kids, and keep on dreaming!!!

  2. Good morning,

    Talal, Altough i did a study on teamwork but i dont like to work on teams or groups. successful teams depend on good selection of its members..they should share trust, loyalty, communication and authority. I think teamwork is waste of time because people meet and most of the time they talk and hold side the main subject.. but as i told it depends on the team members.

  3. Its all about who you choose to be in your group. IF they are careless or selfish then you are in trouble. But it they are dedicated and providing like our group then you are lucky. Team work and groups are great way of doing things the easy way and in an enjoyable method if you like each other.

  4. Yeah for you guys it is easy because you can meet anytime anywhere, not like us “women” especially with kids, social responsibilities and hard assignments 😦

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