Course Schedual, Semester 2, 2010


9 thoughts on “Course Schedual, Semester 2, 2010

  1. Fatma. I guess ill be taking two classes with Dr.Taghreed. I did’nt take any classes with her before but i keep hearing good words about her. My next classes will be 534 and 546, plus 596 for the practicum, at least i guess so!!

    How about you Fatma ?

    Talal, im sorry, good luck next semester you will need it allot 🙂

  2. yeh sure EnshaAllah ill keep visiting the blog. But Mohamed i just check the major sheet, you cant take 534 because your already taking 532 from the same group “B”
    you have to take only one course from this group.. you have 2 alternatives.. either system analysis or DBM.

  3. Than prepare y our self for an assignment just like Naseema’s.

    I think system analysis will be a better choice but i have to ask students who toke both classes. I know a few.

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