Register Today

Dont forget to start registering today starting from 10 am to 12 noon. The strange thing is that 596 for the Practicum is not listed as you can see above. What should i do now. I did send an email to the program director this morning and still he did not replay.

I dont want to miss registering the Practicum as i did last semester. This is my last registration for the last semester in the program. Last time P.Sajjad insisted on registering the Practicum over the internet first.

8 thoughts on “Register Today

  1. 1330524 is also not in the system!!! still 1330522 Hmmmmm. We need a good strategy and action plan for the registration!!

  2. Hello Mohammad,

    it wont be listed.

    u should click (add/drop courses), then enter the course number and search. u will see it there.

    only 20 seats are available.

  3. ummmmmm..
    am takin’..
    546 with u..
    & also 534 just in case.

    why r u takin’ 543 ?
    U either take 546 or 543 they r in the same group…. 9a7 ?

    Check it..

  4. Actually, im taking both as selective. I dont have other choice. It seems that i cant take 534 as i already toke 532. In the 530 group you may take only one class. From 540 group you may take as much as you can.

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