حليب وهيل Haleeb o Hail

Yesterday we had a meeting to prepare for today class and the discussion of our project on AUK Library. Me, Talal, Abdullah, and Hassani were there at Second Cup opposite to stock exchange. We had our share of reviewing the work progress.

Talal and I didn’t leave like the others did. Talal suggested that we hit the new near by cafe called Haleeb o Hail. I liked the idea and I know the place from my previous visits to Gulf bank main branch in Kuwait city. The cafe is located just infront of Gulf bank door and souq Almanakh.

The place was cosy, indoor and out door seating, interesting menu from the old traditional Kuwaiti sweets and drinks mostly, like Rahash, Girs 3gailee, Darabeel, milk with Hail or zefaran. For me and Talal we were happy to taste Milk with Hail and some Rahash sandwich, which by the way was interesting choice and not disappointing.

Now the interesting part is the owner of the cafe who appered to be the nice young lady standing near the counter and was intersted to hear our comments. We had some remarks about the appearance of the cafe and how she must pay attention to small details because her cafe was promisng to succeed and i was admiring the idea and the place before the place opened.

Later, her husband joined us at our table and was thankful for providing the advice and remarks about the cafe. He was looking form a cretinism from an outsider and wanted to know the opinion of the customer all the way. This was a good chance for us to be introduced to each other the three of us. Verey nice guy and verey interesting cuble with much enthusiasim about the project. Such an inspiring project and work spirit that we look for all the time.

So if you ever drop by Mubarkia in Kuwait city, you must try Haleeb o hail new cafe and taste the old Kuwait and enjoy flavor of sweet dreams.


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