Delayd Posting, why?

Im really not in the mood to write about any thing. The master program is exhausting all my powers to thing or to write. I have so much to talk about about, and no mood to do it. But i promise you i will be back soon.


7 thoughts on “Delayd Posting, why?

  1. Mr. Bahrani,
    Remember that, getting a phone call from your teacher who remembers you even after few semesters change your mood and gives you the courage to write about those who motivates and encourages you. Writing about him/her will relief the tension and the stress and will definitely change your mood right!?
    Those who still remember you, are those who we should give a lot of attention too.

    I have posted a quote yesterday in my facebook that says “Always try to see the glass half full” … So, see the good thing about this blog and about writing what you think 🙂

    Any my quote today for you especially is “Remember, on a bad day you are almost never alone” so “CLOSE YOUR EYES AND SMILE AT LEAST ONCE A DAY” 🙂

    Mr. Bahrani, I want to see a motivational quote, story or anything. There are students like you who need that at this particular time.

  2. Thank you Talal, you are my motivator and many friends in this journey. The call you refering to is in the draft folde. I did write about it and I have many other thought to tLk about, but needs a small push to post them that’s all.

    soon inshallah.

  3. Mohammad,,we need high spirit, we need a place for real Knowledge sharing and this is the place ,,Your Blog,, I am typing my comment and You are sitting near to me….so as Dr. Chaudri says ( Smile ):)

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