Google Nexus Phone

 Mohammad.. Bettter you sell your I-phone and Think Google


4 thoughts on “Google Nexus Phone

  1. iPhone killer ?? 🙂

    i dont think so, who tried iPhone will not change it with other phone ..
    with apple apllications and facilities of usage

  2. Wallah il 3atheem this is the third time i write this comment. I dont know whats going on with this post or this comment? i keep writing my words just to go back the next day to find that nothing is posted here. So here is it for the third time:

    I had this discussion before with the Saleh, as he is willing to buy an Android system mobile, and he did buy it. My last presentation in “Academic Library” Class had a great part about the iphone and what it can do for us as academic students. simple, stable, powerful, Arabic, Internet, and all you can think of. can your mobile turn off a candle? can your mobile be turned into a heater “دفاية” ? the iphone do 🙂 and im not kidding here.

    Your never know what is an iphone unless you try an iphone and use it.

    One last killer note: Android system doesn’t support Arabic. What a bummer 🙂

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