I just found that one of my brothers have a book shop in Hawalli. How come i did not know of that before? The shop is located just front of AL-Muthana complex in Hawalli, next to Nawara resturant where the old book shop used to be.

No the story is, my brother used to have a copy center in Sharq area oppesite to Bahbahani complex. Things were not going well there so he moved to Hawalli. When he moved in the old Book shop “مكتبة”  he found it to be great to have both, a book shop downstairs and a copy center upstairs.

Just an hour ago i got a call from the guy working in the book shop asking if i wanted any orders of books or to locate any thing for me. The guy told me that he is going to Cairo next week and can bring any books i like to order, even English books.

The book shop name is ” Dar Al-Andalus” دار الاندلس