Thank you friends

I know that all of us and me busy with assignments, exams, presentations, and other stuff related to our study at the master program that we keep delaying to the last minute. Thats why the blog have been cold.

Today i had a phone call and an email from two dear friends. The email first was from a dear friend advising me to remove the post about KSA Students as it will effect the likeness of the blog. And she was right about it. I wasn’t convenced my self to post it but i did it any way.If you missed it and didn’t watch it, then its better 🙂

The phone call i got is from another dear friend who was plaming me for not rememring him in the blog as he is a greate contreputer to this blog for a long time.

This kind of connections and relations that i really like. They make you feel OK deep inside and that there is still good people in this world. Both thought that i will be disturbed to hear what they have to say. But on the contrary i was more than happy to hear and feed that people really care. They have to time to read and contribute just for the benefit of others. Thank you both for making today a great day. You know your self


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