Will Smith’s Wisdom

I didn’t have enough sleep today, and I woke up very early in the morning.  So, I decided like usual to browse the internet and try to find out good things to read, listen and watch.  As some of you may know about me that I’m really into personal development, and I believe it’s the basis for everything.  So,  I came across this inspirational video clip by Will Smith.  I have watched it more than once, and I can tell you that what he’s saying is true, specially for me.

I know that some of you have not finished their finals yet, some of you are graduating “inshallah” this semester, some next semester, and some later “inshallah”.  Don’t let anyone puts you down.  There are teachers who are leaders.  They have been through practical experiences, they treat students equally, they have a clear vision, mission, goals and objectives, they are flexible, they keep their promises, they help their students, they motivate them, and inspire them in each class and at anytime.  If we say THANK YOU, that’s not enough.  I believe that true teachers are leaders, and it’s known that great leaders build new leaders and not followers.

I really liked the last part of this video clip were Will Smith as a father talks to his son saying “Don’t never let somebody tells you, you can’t do it, not even me, alright!, ALRIGHT. You got a dream, you have to protect it. People they can’t do things themselves, they want to tell you, you can’t do it.  You want something, go get it PERIOD!.” Will Smith.

So, “Be proud of yourself, you are the most unique person!” ~ Talal Albannai


4 thoughts on “Will Smith’s Wisdom

  1. I always say that sky’s the limit … it’s only a matter of time in achieving what we want but the question, do we really want it?

  2. itsallg000d, thanks for the comment. You are right. I just want to say that sometimes a simple thing like saying “Thank you all, you all have done great job” this motivates all the audiences. But sometimes, unfortunately we face instructors who favors some!. They don’t notice themselves, but they are discriminating in a way.

    itsallg000d. I’m sure that you have lots of related things, so why don’t you share it with us. Many people “behind the scenes” will benefit from it 🙂

  3. This is good Talal, but you should have posted this at the start of the semester when we really needed it 🙂

    I like Will, and i like his dedication, but i think he is overdoing it, he looks if he was posest by the idea.

    Dreams are hard to achieve and destiny and luck plays a big role in any ones life. Many people have died trying to make their dreams come true with no luck. Its not all about what your mentality.

    by the way, much of what Will said reminded me of the “Secret” which most of the famous and achieved people believe in.

    If you believe it then it can happen

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