Thank you post

As usual and at the end of each semester I dedicate a post to thank all who I met and worked with during the course.

First i want to thank P.Chaudhari who i met for the first time this semester in Knowledge management class. Much flexible and respectful this person is. It was fun to study in his class and i look forward to attend his System analysis class next final semester.

Thank you P.Sajjad, you are the program manager and i have to thank you 🙂 your Academic library management class was not ordinary class. filled with presentations and case studies. But at the end we did enjoy it. I know that you are working hard now to try to implement the new program title. Good luck.

Thanks to all my friends, Talal, Abdulla, Hassani, Ahmad, your are the best. FAdhel, Sakeena with Asmaa im really gonna miss you next semester as you are going to graduate. good luck. next semester will be dull without you. Sakeena, you have been a good sister in the past three years, so much help i got from you and we shared a lot of pains and complains. Asmaa, although i wish we had known each other better at the beginning of our study, but better late then never. you have great personality sister. Thank you for you comments about the blog in today class. That meant something big to me today.

Saleh, Hussain, Fatma, and Wadha, you were not in class with us, but you were in spirit and constant communication. Thank you

All the girls from class 2008, Jumana, Aysha, Luwlua, Manal, Zainab, Hawaa, Nouf,  Huda, and Mariam, thank you all.

O bas khalas.


18 thoughts on “Thank you post

  1. :-D, HEY I’M LEAVING TOO .. as far as I know.

    LOL, that is discriminatory and i demand a correction and recognition .. 🙂
    hmmm, or did you hear from a Prof. Chaudhry, Prof. Sajjad or Dr. Al Daihani that i was still considered incomplete in one of their class?!

    Regards to all and best wishes, it was pleasure knowing you all.

  2. Salam Alaikom Dear Mohammmad

    I am very proud to know you and your nice friends Talal, Abdullah, Hassani and all our sisters from your group 2007 and group 2008. It was really a very outstanding course coz many issues strengthened the objectives of the course mainly; the instructer and the educated group that we shared knowledge and knew many concepts in the field of KM that will really help us in our career and life.

    Thank you Mohammad for your blog LISKW which is one of the best KM tools and practices.
    and by the way, you ask GOOD questions:)

  3. I didn’t forget you Fadhel,Bo Mohammad. You are in my heart…. you are the hidden value :)… wish you all the best

  4. Fadhel, correction and recognition made. I was counting 18 in KM class and i was wondering who is number 19 ? Wish you all the tuck wallah ya bu Mohammad. Your a nice decent person, i wish you success in your task next March, your gonna need it 😉

  5. M.B thanks for such a nice gesture. I really enjoyed studying with people like you.
    You were such a big help for us, you were there when we need help. To be honest all our colleagues were corporative and helpful. M.B I would like to thank you for this blog although we forget about it lately because we were so busy with our study.

    and Congratulations for those who are going to graduate and good luck for those who still have to suffer more 🙂

    Thanks again and thanks to all of you guys and girls, going to miss you all 😦

  6. Same here Bo Hassan,
    You can’t seem to handle your keyboard right today, its “luck” ya bo hassan .. not “tuck”, unless you mean tummy tuck 😀

    Now that I’m almost done, I will have to regularly catch up with LIS/MIS matters in your blogs. It’s, as Asma’a said last night, an established source of knowledge. As far as I’m concern its one of LIS department’s ripe fruit and it would never cease contribution, as long as its tented by your presence.

    I know that many times you might not have garner responses that you wished your blog to have from us, but its actuality echos everywhere in the department, and that is simply awesome.

    This blog is a factotum creation and I hope it glimmer evermore.

    Thank you Mohammed for your dedication, and thanks to all colleagues for their contribution. 🙂

  7. MB … thank you for this post. As you may know from the beginning of this program, that I prefer to work with teams better than working alone. I like to interact with people, learn from them, share with them my knowledge. You are a wonderful colleague, and I hope that next semester we graduate and celebrate our graduation with all the other students inshallah.

    Fadhel, If you read between the lines, you are going to see your spirit. Man, even though you are a quite person, mysterious a little bet, but I think outside the class you are a different person. We didn’t have the chance to hang out together, but I hope in the future!

    Sakeena (Om-Abbas) it was great to be your classmate in this program. We were togather in couple of classes and it was my honor to be with you.

    Asmaa’, we were in 501 and this course with the amazing Prof. Chaudhri, and I have learned a lot from your presentation style. Keep up the good work.

    Abdullah, I’m really worried about your health, you should control and manage your time and effort. I can see a lot of improvement so far!

    Hassani, even though we have worked together in only one project in Prof. Sajjad’s class, I wish that we have more projects together to work in.

    Ahmed, it was nice to be with you in KM class. Thanks for the e-mail brother.

    Aysha, shaikha, jumana, hawra, lulwa, manal, zainab, nouf, huda, nada, mariam …. and I hope I mentioned all of you … It was our pleasure to be with you in both Prof. Chaudhry and Prof. Sajjad’s classes. Inshallah most of you will graduate with us next semester, so we either look forward to seeing you next semester or in the graduation ceremony 🙂

    Saleh & Hussain … I hope that after taking a course outside our college, you have benefited from it, and I hope that you share the knowledge you have gained with us 🙂

    Fatmah & Wadha, We haven’t seen you for a while, but you know that you are very special sisters. We have learned a lot from you guyz, and keep learning.

    Last and not least, I would like to thank myself 😛

  8. Thanks a lot Mohammed for all your nice words. You’ve been very supportive to us throughout this semester. I really gained a lot from you. You are a person who has all the essentials of success; clear mind & active thinking. You are a selfless man who has genuine goodness that is shown in actions rather in words. Keep up the good spirit.
    I’d also like to thank all of our colleagues, they’re such a wonderful group whom I really enjoyed working with. It’s a pleasure to know you all.
    A special thank you to Fadhel, he helped us a lot during the Digital Library course.
    Wishing you all the best.

  9. Hi All,

    It is with mixed emotions that i write this comment since this is my last semester and my last thank words in this blog. I feel happy and sad at the same time, happy becuase im almost done, and sad becaues im gona miss you all. Im really grateful for you all.
    For all LIS faculty members, for their teaching and efforts..i learned alot from them.
    For you Mohamed for your help all the time and for this blog providing us with such a great educational and fun titles.. we couldnt comminicate without you.
    To all my colleagues..thank you for all the support, insights, and help you have provided me over the last years.
    Wish you all the best

  10. Salam Mohammed
    Thank you so much for your words, it really means alot for all of us
    I’d like to thank every one who helped me in the last exhausting semester — “a8aldek :P”

    Zainab,Jumana,Aisha,Mariam,Nouf,Haw’a and Manal
    without your support, I don’t think I’d survive such a hectic semester wullah

    I’d like also to thank (532) group
    Mohammed, Abdullah, Talal, and Hassani.

    Such distenguished gentlemen and great GREAT presenters. I’ve learned alot from you guys, especially Abdullah — “I’ll never forget that Robert-must be called Rob” 😛

    Fadhel: Thank you for making our lives MUCH easier in 547 class, I’ll always remember you in my prayers

    last but not least-Thank you Mohammed SO much for the blog, such a delightful place to share experience and complaints 🙂


  11. Hello Everyone,

    As most of you know, tomorrow is my last day with the LIS program. It is with a heavy heart that I must say goodbye to all of my friends and colleagues here, many of whom I have seen on a daily basis for over two and half years. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the support I received and to let you all know that I have appreciated the friendly atmosphere in which I have being with you.

    I would also like to thank the faculty members for their continuous support and inspiration. Not to forget our lovely secretary Khlood and Farah for their extraordinary attitude.

    Tomorrow morning I will wake up and think of my perfect moments for the last 3 years as I am going to my last exam in the program (Wish me Luck 🙂 ).I will never forget how fortune I was to be here with you. I enjoyed it and will always think of you.

    You are a true and genuine colleagues and I appreciate very much the thoughtfulness and consideration behind your kind acts.

    Thank you all for making it possible for me to say that.

    Best Wishes,

  12. Dear Saleh

    We really wish you all the success in your life and Congratulations the Master Degree. May be I didn’t had the chance to be with you in one of the MLIS courses but your echo was there and your unforgatable SMILE was there also all the time. Your nice friends Mohammad, Talal and Abdullah are the best freinds and they are the real fortune that someone is proud of. I had the chance to be with them in one of the most important courses in our master degree which is Knowledge Management KM, and with one of the best instructers Dr. Chaudhri which Talal in his nice words covered the course output in the previous post and comment. Thank you Talal.
    My Best wishes to you Dear Saleh and don’t forget us in your prayers…True who said:

    هذا الشبل من ذاك الأسد

  13. Dear Bo Yousef

    You are one person that make things different to people with your great attitude and personality. it was a pleasure to stand and chit chat with you in corridors.. am lucky to know you and more lucky to be part of your memory..

    I really wish you the best along with others and will not forget you in my prayers..


  14. thank you dear mohammed, knowing you guys from previous years was great and supporting, we don’t feel alone ya know 🙂
    i’m very happy i got to meet you all, wish the best and let’s hope for good grades from our professors.
    oh, and congratulation on your graduation, don’t forget us ok 🙂

  15. I always say to my students “better late than never”

    Thanks Mohammad you are a good man and a great friend

    Thanks Talal you have such cool personality

    Thanks again

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