As usual and at the end of each semester I dedicate a post to thank all who I met and worked with during the course.

First i want to thank P.Chaudhari who i met for the first time this semester in Knowledge management class. Much flexible and respectful this person is. It was fun to study in his class and i look forward to attend his System analysis class next final semester.

Thank you P.Sajjad, you are the program manager and i have to thank you 🙂 your Academic library management class was not ordinary class. filled with presentations and case studies. But at the end we did enjoy it. I know that you are working hard now to try to implement the new program title. Good luck.

Thanks to all my friends, Talal, Abdulla, Hassani, Ahmad, your are the best. FAdhel, Sakeena with Asmaa im really gonna miss you next semester as you are going to graduate. good luck. next semester will be dull without you. Sakeena, you have been a good sister in the past three years, so much help i got from you and we shared a lot of pains and complains. Asmaa, although i wish we had known each other better at the beginning of our study, but better late then never. you have great personality sister. Thank you for you comments about the blog in today class. That meant something big to me today.

Saleh, Hussain, Fatma, and Wadha, you were not in class with us, but you were in spirit and constant communication. Thank you

All the girls from class 2008, Jumana, Aysha, Luwlua, Manal, Zainab, Hawaa, Nouf,  Huda, and Mariam, thank you all.

O bas khalas.