Yester day, Abdulla, Talal, and me went celeprating to the new al Balad Resturant in Sharq Tower without Saleh as he was invited but he had to catch up with his study for the final exam and couldnt make it with us. It was Abdullah treat as he bought a new car and we thought that we should take advantage of him and let him pay bill, which he did willingly.

The resturant was nice and the atmosphere was good. But as Talal said that the view will be much better in day light as you will be sitting all the time on a rotating floor that will give you 360 view of Kuwait city. I liked the food and the menu. The service was friendly and fast with nothing bad to notice. I would difinatly go back there again. I gave it 4 out of 5, while Talal gave it 3 or 3,5 from 4 as a rating.

Thank you Abdulla for giving us the chance to release all the stress of the past three months. Saleh, i wish you were there us.