Do you remember Naseema’s assignment ? I asked Haya Al-Essa who graduated last semester to do the same assignment, and she did. Maybe the timing isn’t appropriate to post it, put ill serve it as it come, these are the rules.

After graduation

Ba3ad al ta5aroj 😦

Am not depressed, am not sad, am not angry and am not amazed…..those are my first words that I would like to start with..

After my graduation, and as soon as I received my official transcripts and to whom it may concerns, I directly started to apply for a new job……

The thing is …the name of the major “library and science” is weak in Kuwait. I was astonished that whenever I talk to someone in any company, I was told that they don’t need this major,,,

If this major has nothing to do with Kuwait’s market so why are we bothering and studying all this deep and heavy information!!!!!!!!! Why are we studying cataloguing (502)….what has cataloguing to do with our country’s market?!!!!!! Do I and other students who graduated from the same department need a huge wa96a?! We are master students. We are “well educated” and “well trained” students. We thrived to do our best during our years of study!!! Is our graduation gift is to stay at our same level!!! Do educated students who have a master degree should stay at home waiting for a phone call or an ad in the newspaper to find a better job..if this department doesn’t market for the students and if the country is not making its best to market for the students then why bother and opening this major……

I remembered that in my knowledge sharing class that Dr Laila Marouf taught us that we always study and learn to improve our own skills and to empower our personality… I totally agree with her. BUT part of our education is to improve our self in our career life… my husband was always telling me “I really wish u all the best, but am very sorry to tell u that ur major will not shift ur career job!” and I was always mad whenever I hear him telling me this.

Today, and after my graduation, am very proud to tell my husband that HE IS TOTALLY CORRECT!!

Am sorry to tell the coming students who are going to graduate that this major has nothing to do with Kuwait’s market!!! Hatha al waqe3!! ALTHOUGH I WISH U ALL THE BEST…

Am really feeling sad, am really upset!!!!!

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Dont be frustrated after you read it, many had success and were lucky. I will try to find a lucky person for you 🙂