Hayass’ assignment

Do you remember Naseema’s assignment ? I asked Haya Al-Essa who graduated last semester to do the same assignment, and she did. Maybe the timing isn’t appropriate to post it, put ill serve it as it come, these are the rules.

After graduation

Ba3ad al ta5aroj 😦

Am not depressed, am not sad, am not angry and am not amazed…..those are my first words that I would like to start with..

After my graduation, and as soon as I received my official transcripts and to whom it may concerns, I directly started to apply for a new job……

The thing is …the name of the major “library and science” is weak in Kuwait. I was astonished that whenever I talk to someone in any company, I was told that they don’t need this major,,,

If this major has nothing to do with Kuwait’s market so why are we bothering and studying all this deep and heavy information!!!!!!!!! Why are we studying cataloguing (502)….what has cataloguing to do with our country’s market?!!!!!! Do I and other students who graduated from the same department need a huge wa96a?! We are master students. We are “well educated” and “well trained” students. We thrived to do our best during our years of study!!! Is our graduation gift is to stay at our same level!!! Do educated students who have a master degree should stay at home waiting for a phone call or an ad in the newspaper to find a better job..if this department doesn’t market for the students and if the country is not making its best to market for the students then why bother and opening this major……

I remembered that in my knowledge sharing class that Dr Laila Marouf taught us that we always study and learn to improve our own skills and to empower our personality… I totally agree with her. BUT part of our education is to improve our self in our career life… my husband was always telling me “I really wish u all the best, but am very sorry to tell u that ur major will not shift ur career job!” and I was always mad whenever I hear him telling me this.

Today, and after my graduation, am very proud to tell my husband that HE IS TOTALLY CORRECT!!

Am sorry to tell the coming students who are going to graduate that this major has nothing to do with Kuwait’s market!!! Hatha al waqe3!! ALTHOUGH I WISH U ALL THE BEST…

Am really feeling sad, am really upset!!!!!

This report will be posted in mo7amads blog with a total agreement by me



Dont be frustrated after you read it, many had success and were lucky. I will try to find a lucky person for you 🙂


8 thoughts on “Hayass’ assignment

  1. Before you read what I wrote, I want you to know something that everything I have wrote came from my heart, and what I want is a better future for you and for me and for our country and nation.

    Haya, I was with you in one of the class which was one of the best class ever in this master program which is Knowledge Sharing & CoPs, and with a wonderful, most trusting, most motivated coach Dr. Laila Marouf. She has the knowledge and she knows how to deliver it to her students in the right way. Prof. Chaudhry does the same thing for his students. Excellent teachers are not only friends, but role models for their students. With my all respect to all the other faculty members at our department. The most important thing for me is again and again trust, caring and coaching. I have joined this program, and I had many opportunities to join other programs like MBA, but I have chosen this program just for Knowledge Management & Knowledge Sharing, and it was my pleasure and I’m so glad that I have had them with teachers who I admire, and I would love to be like them in the future.

    So far so good!? ha!? …. well, I work at Kuwait Fund For Arab Economic Development, and to be more specific in a national program which is Kuwait Fund Training Program for Kuwaiti Newly Graduated Engineers and Architects. I have been in this program for more than 5 years, and I’m very proud of this program and from the outcome. That’s not all! One of the things that we do is to contact, meet and give presentations to other organizations and institution inside and abroad to make them familiar with our program and our trainees. We do our best just for our trainees. Today, I have contacted Mabanee, one of the strategic alliance in our program. One of the thing my friend Ahmed Alkouh, an HR Personal, told me about is that “Kuwait Fund is now well known from it’s program for engineers and architects”. Those companies which we deal with, more than 65 local companies, have noticed the quality of our trainees and the output of the program. It took us a long time just to establish the reputation, but we have worked and we are working really hard just for our customers “trainees”. I have learned when I was working for National Bank of Kuwait, customer is the king! I have also learned from our case study for our KM class this semester “Buckman Laboratories” that they have shifted from a product driven to customer driven, and they have increased their profits just because of that.

    Yesterday night, it was almost 1am, I was watching TV, and I saw Dr. Taghreed Alqudsi in Kuwait TV. I haven’t seen Dr. Taghreed Alqudsi so far, but I was very proud of her. She was telling so many good things about her students, wow. What a wonderful instructor that talks about her students in TV! She was talking about the quality of students and the quality of their presentations as an example. I look forward to take her class next semester, and I’m sure I will learn a lot from her teaching style and from her knowledge. I wish that we could have a copy of that interview with Dr. Taghreed, and I hope that our department distribute that to us. Let us be proud of ourselves and our faculty.

    I can see many good things in our LIS program and I have faith in our faculty. Like any other program, there are some strengths and weaknesses as well, but overcoming these weaknesses, will give us many opportunities in the market. Again reputation!

    We should focus on our customers “students” and increase the reputation of our program. One of the thing which we do on a continuous basis, in Kuwait Fund, is to do a study to check the status of our graduates. We want to know if we are achieving our stated goals or not. Not only that but we check their positions, and we interview their managers if not general managers to see if those graduates are exceeding the expectations or not.

    I can talk and talk, and I hate talking, and that’s why in many of the classes I keep listening more than talking. I believe that ” wise men have long ears, big eyes and short tongue”. We have to do something for our country, we have to work hard for our students. If you care and you want Kuwait to be best country, you should focus on your students. Students are those who are going to build this country and this nation. If you have the power and courage, build a flourishing future for them.

    My advice for the faculty, staff, graduates and the current students is:

    “I challenge you to make your life like a masterpiece. I challenge you to join the ranks of those people who live what they teach, who walk their talk.” — Anthony Robbins

  2. Wow, now that is a long post coming from you Talal. I totally agree with you. But, …. and here is a big But. What if no one cares on the outside world? what if every one is busy with self interest not you as a student or a citizen? what if all the circumstances are against you and you can do nothing about it ? … i have to many “what if’s”

    We try to do our best and be the best, at the end we find it to be a waste of time! Thats cruel and unfair. we all, really did work hard in this program and achieved same as if not even more than other master programs students just to to go back to our chairs at the office like if time has frozen and nothing was done or achieved. Is that fair?

  3. Dear Mohammed

    It is really sorrowful to hear this from a dear colleague such Haya.

    Yesterday when you talked to me, I honestly thought not to visit the blog. as I know that something unpleasant will be posted.

    My expectations were right, and here’s again another student who feel depressed of being neglected by the society.

    Well, since last year I started to restructure my thoughts and believes to such moments after graduation. In fact, I have become stronger than ever and I will not be subdue to the reality we’re living in.

    I believe Talal has mentioned a lot in his longest post here, which I appreciate it a lot.. I believe we can make the change by believing in it. DO NOT LOOK at the negative side of life contrarily LOOK at the positive ones.

    I believe in the maxim, which says “Noting Is Impossible”.. I hope that things turn to a better situation for all of you since I deeply know how much efforts you’ve put in gaining your Master Degree, which other peoples might envy you for it..

    Guys keep going and be honest with yourself and look at the things brightly, which reflects your thoughts and attitudes.

    Best of Luck

  4. Thank you Haya for talking honstly about your experience. i can not add more than waht have been said. but i hope the situtaion will be better.
    we really missed you this course as well as the other girls.
    wish you all the best

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