The First and The (Ongoing Journey); Updated

Hi All

Since I didn’t post anything for few months, I would to take the advantage today to post something special to me and

without permission of the people in the photos.. so plz be kind enough to leave it here so that I always remember you in

The First and The Last meeting 🙂 (( in an University Setting ))



‎Friday, ‎May ‎04, ‎2007, ‏‎8:50:21 PM



Wednesday, ‎January ‎13,2010, ‏‎7:25:44 PM

Wish me Luck



Saleh Al Fatimi


This Saleh trying to steal stuff from Talals’ bag as a jock. Unfortunately, he was not able to take any thing because Talal kept a look with 6 figure number on the bag. Police are still looking for Saleh and after this Pic they my arrest him after or during the exam. So he wont be graduating this semester 🙂 picture date 6 April 2008. 6:46 PM. MB


16 thoughts on “The First and The (Ongoing Journey); Updated

  1. Oh my god, Was it more than two years? Did two and a half years past on this photo? As if it was just yesterday!! I remember that day very well and i remember how cold it was and how i felt to meet with you guys outside the walls of the university.

    I have an idea Saleh, lets all postpone our graduation for one more year and enjoy more the environment of school days… I dont think so. What we can do is stay in touch more and dont loose track of each other as always happens after school days.

    every one i met in this program will be unforgettable for me. I think that people you meet later in life will effect you more if they are close to your heart.

  2. Saleh, thanks for posting these wonderful photos. I don’t want you to say the last, because the last to me is the last day of my life. So, it should be the first day and the ongoing journey. Thanks again Saleh 🙂

  3. Mohammed I don’t know what to say, I am really sad and sorry to leave the academic environment without knowing if am coming back to it..

    Wallah you guys were more than brothers to me for the whole 2 and half years.. I don’t imagine to be out of the campus next semester and you are going to continuing all the way..

    Man where should I laugh and cheer up every week at 7 PM.. with who should I discus the academic subjects.. am I going to pray in that little room again or should I stand out in the parking area, which you know that we wont leave sometimes just to talk..

    It’s emotionally hurts.. I cant imagine all of this but what should I do its life we should keep going for the seek of ourself and family..

    Talal your most welcome, what a kind person u are, I have changes the title and you right its not the last, its an ongoing journey thats never stops..

    Take care guys and you should expect me visiting your classes next semester..

  4. Fatma wanted to comment on this post but she didn’t. She sent me an email saying that i look so much older in the second photo. She thought i would be angry about it.

    Do any of you feel younger after this journey? i don’t think so. The beard make me look older because of all the gray hair that shows. I wont be upset Fatma don’t worry 🙂 I dont like the photo because i look fatter in it.

    Thank you Saleh for these photo and ill surprise you with a photo that will make you laugh as soon as i get home, i promise.

  5. Fatama, I’m going to tell u a secret..

    The second photo is originally been captured and extracted from a small video clip that I took it that day.. but this is not the secret 🙂 well, I wanted to post the video but I didn’t coz in the video myself and our old and old and old 🙂 brother bahrani was discussing the white hair and the same issue that u afraid to post it here… and this is the secret u should know.. I hope to see ur comments here 🙂 and don’t worry bahrani has a big heart…

    Mohammed I can’t wait to see it..

  6. made me laugh yesterday when i saw these pictures..since long time i didnt see Mohamed because im not taking any courses with him this semester.
    So, when i saw the second picture i was surprised..what happned to mohamed..oh my god..he become much older , although it is only several months since last time i saw him.
    But i know the study presure make every one older but not fatter 🙂 time i will comment directly here 🙂

    Saleh, how was your final exam today? hope you did well

    1. enshallah always smile ya om hussien..

      and my exam was perfect alhamdolleah..

      wrote 17 pages, the longest exam I ever had.. and congratulation for your graduation.. hope to see all of you in June for the ceremony..

  7. U all seem to have lots of spectacular times together that not all groups are having..
    Really nice group..

    So enjoy it folks 🙂

  8. LOL =) some had white hair some gained extra 23 kilos *cough* some got married some had children many things happened in the past two and a half years but the most important thing was the friendships we all gained

    to you ALL

    Good luck, best of luck , happy happy days to come

    1. Asma you have been a great sis to all of us..

      wallah I wish you all the best and thanks for your supportive attitude in DL course..

      by the way I envy you for your presentations, they were all perfect and newly style..

  9. Oh my god Oh my Allah.. whats happing here.. I believe I have lost few pounds.. dont you think looooool

    Bo hassan wat you’ve DONE!!! from where did the hell you got that pic…

    gosh I remember each moment of it.. wallah it was crazy times together.

    thanks and set as my PC background 🙂

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