الشاعر الدكتور حسين الآنصاري

Two day a go, our dear friend Ahmad ( Bo yousef ) sent me an email about Dr Hussain new poem in al Qabas newspaper. The poem titled الفرضة which is an old Kuwaiti market name. Yesterday Dr. Hussain sent me the same peom by email. What this poem remind me of is a phone call i got from Dr. Hussain when he was back in Kuwait a month ago and he was asking about us and our study. Dr.Hussain reminds me of old Kuwait and all the good things in a Kuwaiti person. He even was talking about Souq Ilfortha and how nice is it to just walk and wonder in old kuwaiti markets, so i guess thats where he got his inspiration for this poem.

Now this is the poem الفرضة and after that you will se Bo yousef version of a replay to Dr. Hussain poem :

تذكرت الفرضة القديمة
وسنين مرّت وازمان
وقصة بحر ورجال
بحار وسكوني وربّان
ياما أبوام علّت
وأبوام رست بأمن وأمان
بحار اينزّل بضاعته
ونوخذا يومي حمقان
الرقي مصفوف اشزينه
وبياع يازنه بالميزان
السعف ربطات فوق بعضها
والرطب أشكال وألوان
هذا يحمّل وذاك ايكاسر
وكل من ماشي ابطريجه فرحان
هذا منظر الفرضة القديمة
على يال الكويت لها عنوان

د. حسين أحمد الأنصاري

No this is Bu yousef replay, which i actually like:

تذكرت أيام ما درسنا معاك يا دكتور حسين

يوم كان عون جدامي وأنا كنت على اليمين

يوم أخذنا معاك مقرر 504 والصراحة كان مقرر زين

تعال شوف طلبتك , ناس تبي تتتخرج الحين وناس بعدين

اللهم وفقنا ووفق دكتور حسين يا رب العالمين


5 thoughts on “الشاعر الدكتور حسين الآنصاري

  1. What a great man!
    Alla yuwaf8a w y36eh al seha wa el3afia.

    Bo U Sef, good start as a poet 🙂
    Reminded us of the nice old days of Dr. Hussain’s class.

  2. I should say that I am not a poet and never wrote a poem and I am sure it is shown clearly in my words to Dr. Hussain which he desreves more than this, but Mohammad posted my words which he wrote a poet also that is not for posting:)..Anyway, I would like to send my best greetings to Dr. Hussain, a great man as Jumanah mentioned, very humble, treats you as a friend not as a student and instructer, he respects the time of the lecture which reflected positevely on us. We really learnt alot from Dr. Hussain Alansari and wish him all the success in his life.. I would like to post the letter that was written by our best freind Fadhel (Bo Mohammad) in the last lecture and belhalf of all the students of 504 and sorry for the long comment, but as I said,,the man desreves more than nice words

    Dear Dr Husain
    Allow us, with these few sentences, to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation for your candidness, kindness and commitment in mastering the academic arts of educating and teaching. Through out this semester we have been all introduced to the vast field of management by your undeniable aptitude and mastery in transforming ambiguous lingo to concrete actuality.
    With you sir, we have learned all about the evolution of management, means of strategic planning and marketing, the essence behind organizing and the organizational structure, Human resources and its pivotal functions, the critical science and arts of motivation, ethics and cultures of organizations, the essentiality of communication, the many techniques of financial allocation, and finally tools of coordination and evaluation instruments. An immense sum of knowledge that you fluently articulated in class, and asked us all to be active contributors in absorbing these facets.
    Thank you Sir, for your unparalleled consideration and support, you did not stop offering help and advice throughout this course to everyone, and it left us all overwhelmed and grateful. And as much as we are excited and delighted for you sir that you are getting your sabbatical leave soon, we feel that we will be missing a great influential presence in the LIS department. Avoid hard to be filled.
    The social science college should be proud of her admired LIS faculty members, who emanate original characteristics such as yourself sir, and we hope that you would always get the proper recognition that you surely deserve.
    Being in your class sir have been a wonderful experience, and we hope you will always remember us, because its hard for us to forget you.

    Best wishes and sincere regards
    504 students, 2nd semester 2008-2009
    Fadhel, Hassani, Ahmad, Aoun, Mariam, Nada, Jumanah, Zainab, Manal, Nada, Shaikha1 and Shaikha2, AishaH, Hawa’a, Nouf, Ala’a and Lulwa

  3. Thank you Mohammed, Ahmed, and Fadhel.. its a pleasure to have a teacher like Dr.Hussien Alansari.. I’m probably one of the most lucky person to spend most of my academic life in the university with Dr.Hussien

    Since he was my supervisor I have learned a lot of him. I learned to be kind, sincere, optimistic, hard-worker, open minded, and of most a real teacher..

    Dr.Hussein was to me like an old brother who gave me the right directions and guided me to the correct path. we talked together almost about everything.. social life, academics, economics, politics, and so many other things..

    I remember when he knew that am Interior Designer and an Artist, he started to talk about the field professionally.. he seems to be not only a poet but a multi-talented person..

    I had a wonderful time being so close to him with 2 classes, a conference, research, and almost my all journey in the program.. I really respect him so much, he never forgets us, he even called me few weeks ago when he returned to Kuwait for few days and was asking about me..

    He is really a true teacher.. may god bliss you Dr.Hussien and wish you and your family all happiness in life

    your son

  4. Forget to mention!!!

    Dr.Hussien if you are reading this I wanted to tell you how sad I am to graduate and having my final exam in the program without you being around..

    So I am gonna wait till you come back bessallamah enshallah and then visit you..

  5. “strategic planning and marketing,” 🙂

    That was Dr.Sajjad question for me in the comprehensive committee, since then this subject has been working on my brain for ever. What is the different between Marketing Plan and Strategic Plan. The answer is so easy but at the moment the question shocked me and i answered a with an ambiguous answer.

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