You did it,,,

Names of graduating (Graduated) students this semester fall 2009/2010 ordered alphabetically:

Asmaa AL-Awadhi

Sakeena AL-Alawi

Fadhel Hussain

Fatma Taqi

Saleh Ebrahim

Wadha AL Ajmi

you have became a Master degree holder in Library and Information Science. You have became an Information Specialist. The next step is to be a PhD holder.

If you any other students who are graduating this semester please inform mo so they will be added here.



7 thoughts on “You did it,,,

  1. Maboork Asmaa: We really wanna see you as a PHD holder inshallah.
    Nice course we shared 541 KM.شكلج دكتورة
    وتستاهلين , وانتي قدها وقدود
    Mabrook Sakeena: Wish you all the success and happiness.
    Mabrook Fadhel: I had the chance to be with you in 504 and 541 courses. Bo Mahammad is someone really when you talk with him, you must gain something useful and a very respectful person.
    Mabrook Sayed Saleh: Don’t stop till we see you as Dr. SaleH inshallah
    Mabrook Fatma and Wadha, even though I don’t know you.

  2. Dear bo hassan and bu yousif
    Thank you both for your kind notions, I hope that soon this honor will be addressed to you.
    and inshallah you will excel in everything.

    Its been a pleasure being in this program with distinguish professors, and esteem friends.

    Thank you all

  3. مشكور يا بوحسن صج للحين ما تخرجنا أنا و أم عباس بس يلا هانت جم يوم و انتخرج أو تخرج روحنا

    بس ملحوظة صغيرة ال
    alphabetical order
    عندك يبيله مدرس مصري خصوصي عنده phd

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