Yasser assignment

After Naseema and Haya, here comes the optimistic part. A third assignment from our dear friend Yaser. If you dont know who is Yaser; he is a 4.0 MLIS student that i have the honor to meet in 503 class in 2008. He is one of the smartest students and the best in the field. Respectful and helpful. Lets read and see what he thinks after graduation:

Dear Mr. Al-Bahrani,

I made a “choice” to enter the program. Please make sure you understand the word “choice”. When the Great God created life, he gave man a “choice” to be what man wants to be and to select the path that man desire.

I am happy that I entered the program and I will never regret being in the program.

There is a different between developed and underdeveloped countries in the concept of library and its employees. I am against the negative social image of a librarian- thanks to the program. I do not mind working as a librarian because it is not an easy job and requires lots of knowledge. I believe that the negative image comes from the library employees having other degrees and working in a library thinking it is an easy job and not meeting users’ expectations. Please, ask the employees in any library and see how many of them have a bachelor or master degree in LIS. Also, ask your friends who have LIS master degree if they want to work in a library or if they were not ashamed of working in a library. The problem is the mentality of some people not the major or the word LIBRARY.

I do not wait to get what I wish for but I try to seek what I wish for.

I wanted to be a researcher and that is what I am doing in my life; a research paper after another. I even have lots of research ideas that I could not keep up with them. I always contact my former colleagues to see a possible chance of doing co-operative researches. Even though my attempts have failed so far, I will never stop asking them.

I apply what I learned in school and I added to it my thoughts and own way of doing things.

I kept my same old job and did not change it because it does not and will not affect my goal of being a researcher. I try to combine my undergraduate and postgraduate majors in my research papers.

I taught in PAAET for 3 semesters and I gained the respect from all my students because of the way I treat them, my different style of teaching, and most of all I understand them. Always in my first lecture I speak their minds.

The most common mistake in my opinion is “هكذا كان آباؤنا يفعلون”.
You, I, and many other students did not like the way we treated and taught while being in school, in some cases and situations. However, many of us do the same things and treat and teach others based on the “negative experiences”, if the expression is right.

I consider all my experiences during studying to be great and positive. I learned a lot from my experiences and I still have a lot to learn in life.

Dear Mohammed, I see in you a serious person, honest to his country, and a hard working citizen. These attributes will allow me freely and enthusiastically leave you with these advices:

It is Ok to disagree with people but you must respect all people.

It is OK to Loss positions and jobs but you should never think of losing people or yourself.

The right talk is easy to be said but the right action is hard to implement.
“Walk the talk”- again this statement is easier to be said than to be implemented.

Always do not hesitate to help others.

Manuals teach you how to do things. You should try to understand the manual book of life, “The Holy Quran”. The holy book has everything you need to adjust and live your life successfully.

You are living in a society that talks about democracy but are not democratic so break the bonds and be free. God gave you a “choice” so do not let people take it from you.

تذكر دائما أن هنالك قوى فساد تحاول أن تجعلك تحيد عن مسارك و إلا سوف تسعى جاهدة لتحطيمك- خاصة إذا كنت حولها باستمرار- حتى تثبت لنفسها و للمنغرين بها أنها على حق.

I agree totally with Yaser. All my friends know that i always say: help as much as you can. Im not trying to be perfect guy here, but im not going to loose any thing if helped others, then why not. You will gain respect and love even if the other side thinks that he is taking advantage of me and im so stupid to know it. I dont care as long as im happy and satisfied.

Good work Yaser, you speak from all our heart.


12 thoughts on “Yasser assignment

  1. Best of luck Mr Yasser, and inshallah you will be accredited for your good deeds and commitments.

    Thank you Mohammed for the post, it is good to know that graduates are committed to doing researches after graduation.

    Best wishes to all.

  2. Yaser you are one of honorable guy I knew in our school.. and i know definitely 2 things about you..

    First, you are so funny guy that makes people laugh 🙂 and second, you are a hardworker..

    I wish u all the best in your life and career.. u deserve it..


  3. “‘7otba” nicely written.
    But…for a while, it seemed to me that you are living in a different world than the one we’re living in.
    “choice, free, do what you desire, seek what you wish, research after another”

    Are we living in the same country??

  4. you must realize that Yasser is now a teacher at Paeet. Any thing he says here in this blog could be read buy his students. This is a permanent post that cant be removed. This is the kind of letter that i would expect from a decent responsible teacher. I laugh allot and jock allot. But i became a teacher one day (Insha’ Allah) i would think thousand times before i write or comment any thing in public.

    This also could effect his future carrier. I hope this was clear to all.

  5. Thank you Yaser for talking about your experience and thanks for your good advices. I was in one group with Yaser in 503 and he was very helpful, i remember he did the group presentation in a perfect way he also gave us a workshop on how to do the comperhensive exam. we are really gratefull to him. I agree on what he has mentioned regarding the nagative social image of the librarian, since im librarian and i know and i live in this situation even if i took my master degree the recognition will not change. However, i believe that the situation could be better in the private univarsity libraries or special libraries in terms of social and financial recognition.
    Anyway thank you Yaser, wish you all the best 🙂
    And thanks Mohamed for this post. im wondering how is gona be your assignment “Mohamed assignment”..i think you will write ten pages 🙂

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