Engadget prepared a live coverage for Apple’s event on the 27th of Jan, which they may represent the new Apple tablet (aka iSlate) and other new thing along like the new iPhone OS 4.0 and 8GB iPhone 3Gs.

The event will start on Wednesday 27th of January – 9pm (Kuwait Time) – 6pm (London Time). Most of the Apple fan are waiting for Apple’s 1st event this year. Apple experts says that this event which will be on the 27th of Jan, is going to be the iSalte D-Day. Others says its the event which apple will announce the new apple tablet device plus the new iPhone OS 4.0 .

Here is the link to Engadget live coverage (click here) or iPhone users download Engadget App from App Store or iTunes (click here).

Link: Engadget