Ipad, Can’t wait

This is what I call innovation. The new ipad that  yesterday by apple is amazing. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. There is no up or down with this device just hold it any way and work it. So slim with 10 hours of full working battery and one month on standby. And the iBook store is something out of this world. Apple is really changing the industry and our way of life. When you see this video you will know how every thing is gonna change in the computer world after apple ipad. I can’t wait for two months to buy it. So info connect, I’m not gonna waste my money on you. I’m saving for ipad.


14 thoughts on “Ipad, Can’t wait

  1. Dear Mohammad
    I’ve searched some of the sites regarding the Pros and Cons of IPad, some of the cons: No USB,No Camera…etc.I guess you focused on the Pros more, as you mentioned; the price looks challenging and battery life are one of the Pros of IPad. I would like to come next semester without any papers, no pen, so if you found that Ipad is the solution then buy two, one for you and one for me. I’ll transfer the money for you as soon as u say “Go 4 it Bo U sef”.

    check those sites and waiting for your comment. Thank you



  2. Alot of bloggers not really pleased with this new iPad.There was just too much hoopla over it and alot people got turned off.You see, I for one see great deal of the cool potential of this gadget. Third-party applications for working with tunes, games, newsprints and magazine and FFS books, tons of good stuff, but IMHO they just didn’t really sell it properly (excluding the books). It looks sort of unfinished

  3. Yes it is. Its like the iphone 2g and the 3g then 3gs. Its called marketing my friend. All the companies do the same with their products so they can suck the money out of the customers wallets. After one year Apple will come with version 2 of the ipad and will call it ipad x with few extra addons, but much. The second year they will produce to you the ultimate ipad but missing one key factor and they will call it ipad ultimate, and so on.

    If Apple gave you the perfect product from day one how would they improve it and convince you to upgrade and buy more and more? Nokia, Samsung, and Motorola, all are doing the same marketing strategy.

    On the other hand, Apple is really producing a good product which has no similar in the market. It is innovative and i like it.

    Oh, by the way, My major was Marketing 🙂

    Ahmad: your comment was on hold, why is that?
    Any way, “Go 4 it Bo U sef” it is worth it. I was holding on buying one of those Netbooks because it was not convinving to me. You should see the full keynote of Apple CEO Steve Jobs introducing the ipad at this site :
    “http://www.apple.com/quicktime/qtv/specialevent0110/ ” then you will know what im talking about. Its more than one hour but its really fun to watch.

  4. salam buddies,
    this is the skinny on iPad, its here to comprise three things together; an internet browser; a book reader like kindle only way much better; and if mobile companies in Kuwait introduce the mini sim card chip, a mobile telecommunication device.
    so its not going to replace tablet computers or laptops, in fact its memory and hard drive would not leave much room for word processing and advanced applications. this is in a nutshell an enlarged iPhone with an ebook capabilities.
    ever since i did the transition to Mac, I was very pleased with what they have provided, and this is no exception, only i would wait for the second generation as you said Bo Hassan, and noted Bo Yousif, cause this needs a cam, but not necessarily a USB port in my opinion cause you can store your data and files online for access.
    oh and the price range is amazingly great if you compare its applicability to its competitor the android using Archos Internet Tablet “which is cool Bo hassan as well but not as iPad”

  5. Ipads replacing tablets, for sure. But Ipads replacing Notebooks, i dont think so. I dont think there is one decent tablet computer in the market toady. Ipad will change the formula in the markets and already new breed is being made like the HP new slate. watch the video:

    And for sure its going to replace the netbook which i did not like all the way. The ipad is cheap, light, Long battery life, Multitouch, and cheap again.

    Not lets move to the part that i like in Fadhel comment the most. How did you convert to mac? why? is it worth it? when? and should i do the same? i have been thinking and debating about this subject for ten years with many failure attempts.

  6. :),
    The question would be mohammed, why not?
    I have been using Mac since 2006, that’s four year of worry free computing. Never “SINCE” had a system failure prompt, waited forever for the system to reboot, or having missing or corrupted files preventing me from accessing my files that would be lost in Windows limbo.

    I don’t even have to save files on different formats whenever a newer version of Windows pops up. files and software that dates back to the first prototypes of mac can still be used and run on newer models, and i don’t need the constant system and security update that Windows prompt to do every few weeks if not days.
    Mac applications are extremely functional yet notoriously small in size so you wont be needing the extra MBs you loose whenever you install gigantic Windows applications.

    Finally, ever since Apple introduced the dual operating systems capabilities, it broaden the opportunity of using the best of two worlds, Mac and Windows OSs on one machine, so if this does not satisfy the geek in me, i don’t know what 😀 ..
    What more would you need for incentives?

    Oh and by the way, Windows run smoother on Mac than on it’s original platform :D, how about that for irony?

    somebody should tell Steve Jobbs that I’m endorsing his product for free, so I should be compensated with free Mac goodies and gadgets… As If 😀

  7. I am all in all looking to buy the iPad, and I am enjoyed to see what sorts of gamez and applications will be sold for it. I just don’t grasp some of the nitpicky criticisms in this blog. Size of the bezel?? Puh-leeze!

  8. I have been using the iphone for a while now and i have no intention to change it. Im going to buy the ipad for sure on day one. The final step will be moving to MAC OS. I like Windows 7, so far no problems at all, fast, and nice looking.

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