What does this photo remind you of ?


6 thoughts on “Concentration

  1. Moh,

    It reminds me of so many things in our LIS program such as:
    – Attending a course that is not beneficial at all such as …….., I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.
    – Attending a course where the instructor is not prepared and want you to prepare the content for the course ……….. !
    – Attending a course where the delivery method is boring, and you want just to finish the class!
    – Attending a course where it’s all examinations! you have to read and read and come to class for the exam!
    – … etc.

    It also reminds me of the famous saying “Those who can’t do, teach”

  2. Nice, I was searching for something along the lines of this. I was wondering, do you think newsletters are still an good way of marketing online? Does anybody still use them well and actually get readers?

    Appreciate the help!

  3. Yes Jessica I think I do..

    Since Newsletters are publication that cover almost all events and activities that took place in your organization. it will summarizes all you efforts and any future news that are beneficial to your audience..

    On the other hards you should think about the design, layout, content, and a corner for your members or audience to participate to make them feel they are some how connected to your newsletter.


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