Dont forget, Sunday 14th Feb. from 10 AM-12 Noon  you can add/drop courses for the 2nd semester registration. And Thursday the 18th is the last day.You can pay the fees starting Sunday 1st of march to the 4th. Now to my surprise i just found out that the first day of school is next Sunday, after one week from now, which is sad. I was expecting we wont start till the first of march 😦

The happy news is that the last day for me in the master program will be on the 15th of June, Tuesday. What a happy day that will be after four months from now.

Wish you all the Success

4 thoughts on “Reminder

  1. Yeah sure we have to prepare ourselves starting from now 😉

    Am not ready yet loool…
    But I really missed my colleagues and the beautiful atmospher of the college..

    Best of luck estath Ba7rani..

  2. Thank you. Im really lucky to be attending the Internet Class with Dr.Taghreed. Thats a plus for me. Add to that P.Chaudhari class.

    And if you count the feeling of being a graduate student 🙂 then Insha Allah next semester will be great.

  3. If you have a class on Thursday ..the coming semester.. then you can come in March 2010 Mohammad. Enjoy your last semester and Good luck.

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