Practicum! What practicum?

Ok, now im mad. Im really angry. Dont hold me back.

I supmeted my papers for the Practicum and field work to finish my training on September, That’s 5 months ago. No one contacted me, no one spoke to me, i was in the dark. 10 days a go Abdulla tells me that he got an email regarding his practicum, and i didnt. Where is every body.

Today i got an email from Ahmad AL-Saffar telling me to contact Laila at KISR regarding the practicum. What the hell? who decided? when it was discussed for me to go there? why no body spoke to me? And they want to change the title to information management?

The surprise is that when i spoke to laila Jaber at KISR, She had a meeting with another two girls from the department without me because she couldn’t locate me and did not have my email or phone number, because i live in the north pole.

“I wrote other stuff…. but i decided to delete the rest. it was not suitable for posting.”


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