Practicum II

I decided not to write this part of the practicum story unless two hours has past. And now two days have past. I was so angry and frustrated that i was going to write stuff that i knew i was going to regret. I went to the department and spoke to Fatma, she is responsible for the practicum affairs with the students. She told me that one of the students assigned in KISR spoke to ( HiM ) and changed her assigned place for the practicum. So me and Abdullah decided to change and be at the same place for the practicum and applied for that.

So i got a call from Fatma telling me that ( HiM ) refused the applications. So i called ( HiM ) by phone and that was the first time i do that. He started cold telling me that the amount of the students is so large this time and its not easy to handle this amount of practicum students and so on. I dont want to tell you what happened at the end of the call..

…………………………. So many things that i want to say here but i cant. This is really hopeless. Oh and by the way. they want to call it Information Management Program, are you serious ?

So. on the 7th of March i will be attending KISR for 2 or 3 hours we haven’t decided yet. I got a call from Layla Jaber from KISR and we talked for a while and it seems that i will be alone in there. No other students will be doing their practicum there but me.


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