543: System Analysis, Day One

Today was the first class of the last semester for me in the Master program. P.Chaudhari class is 543: System Analysis which i like more then last class Knowledge Management. I know that many dont share the feeling, but i really liked today class. This class is more IT related and Systems oriented which is my favorite field and what i really like.

P.Chaudhari was like always, smart, neat, organized, prepared, and structured. He even sent us class outline and the first assignment by email and to all the students since morning and before the first class. Posted all the related material on Black Board and informed us about it.

This is the kind of teaching that i like and shows how professional the teacher is. Good work my teacher.


One thought on “543: System Analysis, Day One

  1. Yes,, you are right Mohammad regarding Dr. Chaudari’s performance in teaching us the IT and KM courses which we should CAPTURE the knowledge of this man and that’s what is called Knowledge Management (Capturing Knowledge) so I prefer more KM courses more than IT courses without neglecting the importance of IT courses offcourse and this is the beauty of our major (LIS) since you can take from each graden a flower.

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