Last Wednesday was the first class in 546: Internet course with Dr.Taghred Al-Qoudsi. This is the first for me to attend one of her classes and i can tell that my first e=impression is good. She is a nice lady with a warm feeling that make you feel she is your mother or big sister. She was well prepared and organized, although she she is flaying after the class to Omrah in Makkah.

The material of the class seems interesting, as you know my interest in IT and Internet is huge. The overall atmosphere of the class and the students was encouraging, although every one was feeling down because its the last day before a long holiday and every one wanted to be out of class. Even Dr.Taghred noticed and she was kind enough to to finish early.

The only down side is that we got to do a presentation the first week after this holiday. which means that three of us, Talal, Abdullah and me will be preparing for one hour presentation each. which is lame. I didn’t do any thing yet about it, but im starting today.

And one more thing, all the exams will be take home, what a relief !