I got this notice from Jumana related to graduate teachers or librarians:

There is an important issue related to teachers(and possibly librarians) who work at the Ministry of Education and are on a study leave … Student who work as teachers or librarians, and are on a study leave must read this carefully.
There is an important issue that they have to be clear about, otherwise they’ll either work all summer.orhave their salary deducted.

To avoid this:
1. when graduating in June, students must report directly(on the same day of the last exam) to the Ministry of Education to assign them a school to work at.
2. If they work at the KG level, which will be closed at that time, they’ll unfortunately  have to work at the Educational Zone all summer.
So they must not plan on travelling 😦
That’s what the employee at the ministry told me. I hope she knows what she’s saying.