Busy as a Bee

Im sorry for not being so active in the blog for the past week. I dont even replay my emails as i usually do. I have been busy with office related chores and with class materals. next week also im going to start my Practivum at KISR. Its not been easy at all this semester, but at least i enjoy both my classes with Dr.Chadhari and Dr.Taghreed. I enjoy the company of my dear friends there also Talal and Abdullah. Although i miss Talal in System Analysis class and expect him to be at class when even i enter there. But i guess thats life and thats how it goes.


2 thoughts on “Busy as a Bee

  1. Weclome Back Mohammad… It’s nice to join you with your group and group 2008 courses with Dr. Chaudri and Dr.Taghreed. I guess we have good courses and instructers. I am reading the article titled ” Recommendations for e-commerece systems in the tourism industry of sub-Saharan Africa”.Don’t you think that the title is longer than the text itself? :). Anyway,, we are waiting your questions along with Abdullah to discuss it in course 543 (Systems Analysis) next Monday. I knew the first question: How many recommendations in the article? They are 12:).Hopefully I’ll add my comments in the BB this weekend. On the otherhand, we’ll start working early in evaluation websites of course 546 to update the Internet Log..The good thing that chapter 2 has no websites, so we are done with your chapter Mohammad..:)

  2. Im done with it, i concluded my assignment because i dont have any websites in my chapter. Its good to be with you Ahmad in both classes, you are a great contributor in class and in the blog.

    The issue here is will we, me and Abdulla, will we be able to answer your comments and judge your answers ?

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