Jumana at the conference, Abu Dhabi

After attending the conference in Abu Dhabi< Jumana was kind enough to find the time and write a review of the conference events there:

Salam Mohammed,
The annual 16th SLA conference-Arabian Gulf Chapter took place in Fairmont Bab Al Bahr Hotel in Abu Dhabi, 2nd-4th March.
The theme this year was “Virtual Knowledge in Information Institutions: Issues and Perspectives”. It was a well organized event. Participants were from many Arabic countries, in addition to specialists from the States and Canada. Faculty members from Kuwait University were present and their efforts really showed. Dr. Sultan Al Daihani- President, Dr. Hussian Al Ansari-Board Member, &Tahani Kalander-Strategic Planning.
Prof. Dr. Abdulredha Ali Asiri was also there. He was the chairman of the 5th scientific session. Prof. Sajjad & Dr. Chauhdry lead the round table discussions on the last day. Its title was “Repositioning Libraries In The Knowledge-Based Economy (Kbe)”.  Unfortunately, Prof. Mumtaz was not there, neither were Fadhel, Sakeena, or Asmaa. The only colleague that I saw there was our dear friend Aoun. Another Kuwaiti participant was Dr. Noriah Al Kandari who gave a tutorial session. It was an introduction to statistical analyses using SPSS. The seven sessions of the conference presented useful information about the recent developments in the field of Library & Information Sceince at all levels. Many recommendations were also introduced. The word ‘Google’ was mentioned a lot. That showes the important role it’s playing in our life, along with the social networking sites. The president of the international council on Archive commented in his speech saying” It’s our time to take control, and not leave it to google”. Ellen R. Tise President of IFLA, & Ian E. Wilson, President of the International Council on Archives. Other ones show Emarati heritage taken in the hotel.

Thank you Jumana. I wish i was there to participate as we did last year in Kuwait.


4 thoughts on “Jumana at the conference, Abu Dhabi

  1. Thank you JumanaH and we are really proud that one of our colleagues are participating in those conferences. We had the chance to be in the last conference in Kuwait, and hopefully we’ll try to participate in the coming conferences. By the way, where and when will be the 17th SLA conference??

  2. salam dear colleagues 🙂
    It has been a while.. i miss being in classes. i never thought I’d say that 😀
    It is rather a good job Ms Jumana, attending and detailing the event in concise manner. you’ve always illustrated a knack for presenting to-the-point presentation, and here it is no diferent. so well done, and wish you my best.
    We were scheduled to be in this conference, Asma’a, Sakeena and me. we concluded our studies and submitted them but did not receive attendance conformation, and that’s why we did not participate, although we were prepared to. Bur it was not meant to be so inshallah there will be future chances, for all of you dear colleagues and the three of us, to be a part of such interesting venues.
    Sincere regards to all, wish you the best with all that you do at the moment, and thank you Mohammed for the note.

    1. We miss you here also, you wont believe how much. I always expect you, Sakeena, or Asmaa to enter Dr,Chaudhari class. Its not the same without you here.

      Fadhel, I don’t understand! didn’t your supervisors worked on it? isn’t the conference chairman from Kuwait? did you submit your proposals? there is something missing here !!!

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